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Construction Services

Big O Trading 1025 Construction specializes in rendering the following activities:

  1. Building Construction
  2. Infrastructure Construction
  3. Industrial Construction

1. Building Construction

Big O Trading 1025 renders the following Building Construction Services:

Residential Construction:

Houses, Flats, Paving, Plumbing, etc.

Commercial and Industrial Construction:

Restaurants, Grocery stores, Shopping centers, Sports facilities, Hospitals, Schools and universities, Refineries, Power Generation, Manufacturing Plants, etc.

2. Infrastructure Construction

This is often reffered to as Civil Construction and it includes:

Large public works, Dams, Bridges, Highways, Railways, etc.

Big O Trading 1025 will be servicing the following stakeholders:

  • Municipalities
  • Government Institutions
  • Parastatals
  • Private and Public Businesses/Companies
  • Public in general
  • Shopping Complexes and Malls
  • Mines and Power Stations
  • Schools and Universities